Gabor Bukovinszky

Gabor Bukovinszky

Gabor began his yoga practice after the demands of a high level sporting background left him with a serious back injury. He was unable to walk and in pain, so he changed his lifestyle – and with commitment and patience he healed himself through yoga.

Gabor’s experience inspired him to share the power and transformation that yoga can provide. His classes will guide you on a yogic journey of physical, mental and spiritual discovery and growth. Gabor's engaging presence is always evident - delivering classes that are challenging and powerful balanced with warmth, compassion and humour.

His many years of teaching and studying yoga and philosophy with international masters and his role as co-director of the highly successful Yoga Flame Studio in Melbourne has given Gabor a reputation as a leader in the yoga community – highly respected by both his students and peers.

 Join him on the mat to experience his unique and inspiring teaching style...

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