Luke D'Astoli

Luke D'Astoli

Personal trainer, nutrition coach, writer, presenter, cricketer, Seinfeld fan and a permanent member of the kid's table at family functions, Luke D'Astoli's mission is to spread a hefty dose of Peter Pan syndrome and keep Australians young through games.

Games are proven to reduce stress, improve creativity, spark action and bring people together. As Director of Training at Acumotum - Intelligent Fitness, Luke has refined the art of playing games that encourage quality movement.

As a voracious and slightly obsessive learner Luke's journey has seen him discover advanced techniques from the world's best in remedial therapy and high performance training, bringing the disciplines together to offer a complete training experience. This allows him to create instant and sustainable change in how people move.

You'll enjoy Luke's relaxed yet thorough approach honed through working with real people day in and day out for over 6 years. He offers group training and small group training at Acumotum and presents to businesses, schools and sporting clubs on how to manage your body better.

Luke is also a Level 4 certified Metabolic Precision Coach and helps clients create change in how they look, feel and function through an evidence based online nutrition coaching program.

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